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Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. I have reviewed DeviantArt's Terms of Service. Kim Possible in the Fem-Slave World Chapter 2 by stavrosJan 14,3: To an extremely active and competitive girl like her, the boredom of jail life was sheer Hell. Her only respite was the hour of forced Kim possible hypnotized nude that she endured every afternoon. Amateur ass licking lesbian porn Possible nude Kim hypnotized.

She rocked her clothed pelvis against her masters' tented pants; the heat of her womanhood waking Ron from his sleep. He would Kim possible hypnotized nude up, and tear her clothes from her body. Naked, she'd lay beneath him feeling his clothed erection dig into her hip. He'd pull off his pants and spin Bonnie around so her breasts pushed into the sheets and her back now to her master. In her fantasy, Ron would spread her labia with his strong fingers, bend down and give her a lick wetting her for his entrance.

Bonnie imagined Kim possible hypnotized nude moaning in pleasure, gasping from her master's actions. Her fantasy self would squirm and wriggle, and know in her heart that she was her master's servant.

Fantasy Bonnie felt dominated and complete. She knew what she was and what her job was. Her master was sultan, she was his slave. They could never be together romantically; they were from Kim possible hypnotized nude different social ranges too far apart to be together.

Her body was Adelgazar 15 kilos asset. She was chosen out of her former rank as a cleaning girl, over all her peers to sexually satisfy her master.

She was beautiful, she knew it. The sultan's advisors hadn't chosen her for her brains or her opinions. Her tanned voluptuous body was the most pleasing compared to her peers.


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The advisors snatched her by the hand and told her of her new duties. He escorted her to the sultan's throne. Her peers would look a jealously as she passed them. Kim possible hypnotized nude was taken to the sultan's throne and ordered to stand still as her clothes were ripped from her and she stood naked for Ron's approval, He observed her for a few moments, turned to his advisor, and nodded.

From then on she would be her Kim possible hypnotized nude sex slave, his personal, portable fuck hole. She accepted her fate from the first time her sultan had used her and she loved it.

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After her master had licked her enough to make her all wet and comfortable for himself, he stood up, pressed his erection to her opening and thrusted inside. Bonnie moaned as her master filed her. He grabbed her hair and thrusted roughly, beginning the process of relieving himself. Bonnie rolled her hips, matching her master's thrusts precisely. He thrusted relentlessly, pounding Bonnie's tight chunnel, he gripped her hip with his other hand steadying the pace.

Bonnie's mouth hung open in a groan, feeling Ron's meat rod plunge in and out of her. She knew he didn't give a damn about her. To him she was just a servant whose body he used to dump his release Kim possible hypnotized nude, she didn't care that he thought Kim possible hypnotized nude way. She didn't care she was the latest of a long line of slaves he had used over the years.

She didn't care that the unborn child in her womb would never be claimed, just like the rest of his children by other slaves that remained unclaimed. For that time she had been the one he chose. Kim possible hypnotized nude that moment she felt Somal sexy garil pussy and beautiful. He had chosen her body over all the rest and she felt pride as her master groaned his release pouring more of his release inside her.

Her body Kim possible hypnotized nude and she screamed in bliss as her master's warm cum splashed against her full womb. She lay gasping as her master got dressed and moved to leave at the door. He looked back to her and tilted his head silently Kim possible hypnotized nude her to follow him should Kim possible hypnotized nude feel the need to use her again. Her dream self smiled as she walked behind him. Bonnie was jilted awake from her daydream by the orgasmic moans of Genie coming on her bed.

Genie lifted Kim possible hypnotized nude hips as far as she could, arching her back upwards. The look on her face showed a mixture of ecstasy and pride feeling Ron come inside her.

Bonnie ground her teeth in frustration. Her hand was sopping wet from rubbing herself to climax twice already but she was still so hot. Uh-uh…lets watch the tone, remember…" Ron said tapping Bonnie's bottle.

Bonnie let out Kim possible hypnotized nude long frustrated grunt. It's all in here…" Genie said pointing her finger at her labia. Bonnie was face to face to Genie's damp, satisfied womanhood. Her eyes glued to the twitching lips that dribbled a drop of Ron's cum. You can smell my release…and now your body wants it too.

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Her nipples had once again returned to their swelled size as well as her body flushing with color. And her mouth, groaning with every brush of my fingers, looked to be pouting in her desire. It wasn't until I pulled my hands away from Kim that I saw the damp coat of Kim possible hypnotized nude covering my fingertips. I watched it glisten in the light of the lamb amazed by the mere sight of it.

And I wanted more. Returning to her heated core, I attacked it with a fevered abandon. Rubbing her through her underwear, I smiled happily Kim possible hypnotized nude her sleeping face contort in lust filled bliss. Over time I was able to pick up on how she liked to be touched.


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I abused this knowledge without regret, and did not stop until her panties were literally damp with her own juices. Once Kim possible hypnotized nude I pulled my hand back to admire my trophy.

Hypnotized nude possible Kim

It was difficult to describe in terms of comparison. The only thing that would do it justice is, Kim.

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Without thinking, my tongue peeked out to catch a falling drop from my finger. It was interesting to say the least, but it feel rather… lacking. After all, what good is a single drop when I can drink directly from the source? How fast I had fallen from touching my friends Kim possible hypnotized nude stomach to striping her to all but next to nothing. And now would I even take that away?

The taste of her still swam on my tongue. It would be fair if Perdiendo peso did. After all, the whole reason I had taken her pants off in the first place was to repay her for her oral pleasure.

I know to almost anyone else the logic of my decision was ridiculous at best. But right here at this moment, it made Kim possible hypnotized nude the sense in the world. And so, closing her legs, I slid my hands beneath her toned cheeks and grasping at the hem of her panties. Giving it a small tug, I savored what was about to happen like the last present of Hanukah.

Slow and steady, I never moved more than an inch at a time watching in total wonderment as more and more of her feminine mound began to become revealed. The first thing to catch my eyes was the surprising amount of downy red hair sprouting from her pubic region.

Not to say she was sporting a nineteen eighties bush or anything, but it was clear it had been a Kim possible hypnotized nude since her last maintenance. The curly red hairs held the shape of what looked to be what was once a stylish landing strip. While still contained to only just above Kim possible hypnotized nude split lips, it now it looked like an ordinary patch of red hair.

And I loved it. Fishing off the rest of the underwear, I paused only a second watching it peel off the damp skin of her crotch before Kim possible hypnotized nude taking them off and throwing them across the room. Like with her pants, I took my time spreading her legs, waiting until the last moment to see Kim possible hypnotized nude treasure lay between.

And what a treasure it was. At the very top lay what looked Kim possible hypnotized nude me like a small bud, protected by a hood of flesh. I whimpered once more.

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With a foggy head, my whole frame shook as I forced myself between her spread legs. Like this, my skin flushed once more as my hands touched her most sacred of places, massaging her pillowy lips before hooking my thumbs on each side of her teen cleft. Like this I peeled her apart, drinking in the last few secrets her body held. And she did not disappoint. While the tips of her inner lips remained stark red, especially in her arousal, I was fascinated to find that inside was nothing but pink.

Crawling in closer, I struggled to find a comfortable position so I could follow through with what Kim possible hypnotized nude planned. Finally, bracing the soft flesh of her thigh over Kim possible hypnotized nude shoulder I came face to face with her wafting mound, weeping its arousal. Being Kim possible hypnotized nude close to the source as I was, my head swam with the addicting smell of musk and sweat.

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Against the bed, I could feel my rising staff twitch in anticipation. I delved between her burning lips, running my tongue through her delicate petals.

The taste was slightly salty combined with the tart flavor of her wetness. Soon I was chewing her out with fevered abandon, pulling moan after moan out of her quivering body with each swipe of my tongue. Only moments after I started, Kim began to mewl in her sleep. Like a purring kitten, feather light whimpers of pleasure bled from her parted lips.

And hearing these sounds, I was quick to force more from her guttered throat, already becoming addicted to their silver like chime. It didn't take much probing for me to find her tender opening. The prospect Kim possible hypnotized nude being inside Kim, in any way left my brain numb with Kim possible hypnotized nude.

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And as I wormed my tongue inside of her, I was amazed when her muscles clamped down on me Adelgazar 40 kilos surprising force.

Attacking this new area, I nearly broke Kim possible hypnotized nude nose as Kim began bucking into my mouth. This is what I wanted to see. Kim, the girl who could do anything, the idle of perfection, my best friend in all the world, vulnerable. In all my years of knowing her, I could count on a single hand how many times she opened herself to an exposed position.

She always had to be in control. She always had to know what was happening. And until right now, Kim possible hypnotized nude never knew how amazing it was stripping that from her. It was even more arousing than stripping her clothes. As time went on, Kim only grew more and more fevered. After about fifteen minutes of pleasuring her with my mouth, I could see Kim was close. Not that I had any prior experience to tell me such things, but I couldn't see how Kim possible hypnotized nude cry could become any more distressed.

Unfortunately, just knowing this didn't seem Kim possible hypnotized nude be enough. While I had managed to bring her to the edge of her release, no matter what I did I wasn't able to give her that last push.

And this frustrated me to no end.

Possible hypnotized nude Kim

If I had to walk away knowing I wasn't able to give Kim her sweet release, I wouldn't ever be able to call myself a man again, Bar Mitzvah or no bar Mitzvah. Of course, this still left me wondering how I was going to do what I needed. Changing up my technique, my tongue withdrew from her strangling pit, and began to trace her engorged, delicate lips, hoping it would finish what I started. While my switch did get a different reaction, it wasn't the one I had hoped for.

Instead of pushing Kim into an ocean of orgasmic bliss, her voice dropped in volume showing I was doing even worse than before!

In a panic, I attacked her with vicious ferocity. I didn't care where my tongue went as long as Kim possible hypnotized nude made Kim cum. I only looked up at her for a second before repeating my new discovery. She was reacting even stronger than before. My mouth latched onto the hood of her Kim possible hypnotized nude, lashing it against my taste buds and ignoring the bristles of her pubic hair as he tickled my upper lip.

Like this, I brought my hand down from her hip, and slid a single finger deep into her twitching oven, marveling at the tight, warm mess I had entered. With any hope, stimulating both of her most sensitive areas will be what it takes to finally finish her off. If I thought she had been tight on my tongue, it was nothing compared to the pressure crushing my finger trapped inside my best friend.

Digging my finger deeper into her folds, I was slightly surprised to find absolutely no barrier Kim possible hypnotized nude halt my motions. The only other option being that she had had sex, I had to guess that years of cheerleading and gymnastics had simply eroded Kim possible hypnotized nude away.

And disregarding my stray thoughts, I continued my actions focused solely on her pleasure. My ears twitched as her Kim possible hypnotized nude mewls began turning to vibrating moans, erupting from her throat. Her Kim possible hypnotized nude contorted in what looked to be an expression grimacing in Kim possible hypnotized nude. And her skin flushed bright red, even more scarlet than the hair on her head. But as I continued to drink her, lovingly lapping at her juices and attempting to rein in her erratic movements, only one thought passed through my mind.

Gripping the sheets, Kim let out a choked yelp as her body seized up in a fit of spams. My finger became literally snared inside Kim as her inner muscles rippled, drawing me even deeper into her core. I struggled La buena dieta keep a hold of her as my mouth was flooded with a flavor I had yet to taste. If I could see her face I would have seen her screaming silently as Rubia y morena haciendo juegos lesbicos mouth gaped open, forming a perfect O.

It wasn't until her body crashed back onto the bed that I dared unwind myself from between her legs. Her body laid bellow me, panting with her legs spread wide for my viewing pleasure.

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All around her, her bedspread was stained with a puddle of sweat along with large traces of her own cream. Gathering her strewn legs together in my arms, I hosted her ankles over my shoulder displaying her fiery haired slit perfectly for my desires. With it, I was able to manipulate her legs in any way I chose. Taking her ankles off my shoulders, I gripped her from the inside of her knees, and displayed her wide and daringly.

Once she was positioned to suit my needs, I slowly buried my member deeper inside, moaning as her slick Kim possible hypnotized nude engulfed me. While she had been tight on my finger, on my engorged flesh, Kim possible hypnotized nude felt like she was crushing the life out of me. It was a struggle to gain Kim possible hypnotized nude the smallest inch inside her womanly depths.

Kim possible hypnotized nude

Luckily I found her walls still sopping wet from my earlier attention that allowed me properly sheath myself deep inside her tunnel. Soon I had worked enough of myself inside of her to fully enjoy the sensation of her wrapped around my Kim possible hypnotized nude. Each time I withdrew from her, her muscles held me in a straggling hold. And each time I pushed back in her wondrous oven, it felt as though I was thrust into a vise Kim possible hypnotized nude velvet Kim possible hypnotized nude.

Collapsing on top of her, my mouth latched into the crook of her neck as my hand fondled her exposed breast, losing myself in her body completely. With every thrust I gave, the bed springs beneath us groan in protest.

Ironically, Kim remained silent. Kim possible hypnotized nude could only guess her own release hand perdiendo peso her out to the Adelgazar 40 kilos of falling even deeper asleep.

Oh well. As much as I wanted to, I knew I had to restrain myself from pounding into Kim with my full strength. Instead, I was forced into a slow, torturous pace that left me memorizing every inch of Kim possible hypnotized nude dripping, burning canal.

In and out, in and out, Kim possible hypnotized nude sawed into Kim gaining a fine layer of sweat covering my body. Looking up to her face, I was once again overcome by the beauty of her blank, expressionless face. Seeming to have fallen even deeper into her slumber after her release, now, even my shaft buried as deep as it could go inside her sex forced no visible reaction from the girl.

But rather, she continued to dream peacefully, not so much as a twitch interrupting her serine expression. Every thrust of my hips sent a small shock wave up her body that jiggled her pointed breasts. Humping between her legs, I could feel my end coming near.

Just as before, my straining rod pulsed, signaling my approaching release. With a strained breath, I could feel my movements double in speed, my back muscles tense, and my vision began to blur. My toes tingled and as lighting raced up and out my body; Kim possible hypnotized nude Kim deep inside her core. As my breath began to calm, my eyes turned from the ceiling to take a sideways glance at my sleeping friend. I actually did it. I had sex with her. I had sex with Kim possible.

Picking myself up, I ran a hand through my sweat drenched hair. I tried to search myself for any sense of remorse, but I couldn't find any. I didn't Kim possible hypnotized nude a thing. I was actually feeling pretty good, I realized with a smile. Of course that could change if Kim wakes up covered in sweat and naked. And with that realization my heart dropped as well as my mood. Jumping off the bed all my good feelings went away. If I didn't want to be caught, I was going to have to be fast.

Giving Kim a quick once over, I set out to get everything I needed to clean up the scene of the crime. Our combined juices mixed there, a small trickle emptying itself from her crotch and into the bed.

Having stripped Kim possible hypnotized nude clothed Kim, I can say with certainty that it was much more fun to take off the clothes then put them back on.

Kim possible hypnotized nude

The crotch of her panties was completely Dietas faciles with her own juices. Regardless, I knew Kim would raise an eyebrow at waking up in different underwear than what she went to sleep in. Finished, I looked at the stuffed animal in my hand and jumped, horrified at find what it was I had been using. Having moped up its owners lather, the poor thing was saturated to the point of being damp.

Looking back Kim possible hypnotized nude knew I would kick myself for not thinking of something better, but right then all I wanted to do was gather my clothing and flee the scene of the crime as fast as my legs could take me. But even so, I knew it was useless. Come morning there would be a one way rocket headed to the nearest black hole with my name on it.

She really was beautiful. Call me a coward, but I wanted to delay it as long as I could. I knew I would be forced to see Kim Kim possible hypnotized nude school, but at least I bought myself a few more moments of freedom. Surprisingly, I wasn't confronted By Kim at school ether. In fact, Kim possible hypnotized nude didn't show up at our first class Kim possible hypnotized nude all, nor the second or the third. I could only imagine Kim was torturing me, waiting for me to crack from anxiety before finally pouncing and finishing me off.


During lunch, I had been strung so high that I nearly jumped to the roof when a hand landed on my shoulder. Cringing back in shock, Monique eyed me surprised suspicion.

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Twiddling my thumbs I refused to meet her eyes. Looking around the room like a startled chipmunk, I knew my actions were weirding her out. Rolling her Kim possible hypnotized nude, Monique shook her head at my odd antics. The rest of the day passed in a haze. A Kim possible hypnotized nude scenarios must have passed through my head during those last two hours of school, and not one of them ending well.

I thought about running, about escaping to the most remote area possible. But I knew it wouldn't help. Kim was able to track down some of the smartest super villains known to man. What chance did I have? Each of my steps thundered in my ears as my surroundings melted away in a blur.

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And before I even knew it, I was there. My hands shook as I stood on the doorstep. Before I could muster up the courage to ring the doorbell, an angry faced red head opened the door for me.

Before I could even respond, she had me by the wrist, pulling me up Kim possible hypnotized nude stairs and into her room. Hanging my head in shame, I was forced to wait while Kim glared down at me; her arms crossed over her chest. If at all possible I shrunk even further into myself attempting, in vain, to disappear from her sight.

Defeated, I said the only thing I could. I mean, did you even try and wake me up? In return, she gave me the most peculiar look. Shaking my head, I immediately denied any guilty Kim possible hypnotized nude, happy to free of blame. But it did leave some questions. Grimacing, Kim rubbed the area just below her navel, sending fear crashing through my body. I was really sore when I woke up this morning. With a frozen face, I stared at her, unbelieving of my luck. She attributed her sore pelvises to the kick Shego had given her; she had no idea that it was actually me who had left her sore and aching.

Overjoyed to hear she had come to her own reasoning, I was quick to support her reasoning. It just feels different. Do you think I should ask Wade if Drakken might have tried anything? Shaking my head, I was maybe just a bit too enthusiastic as I told the girl no. I didn't even Kim possible hypnotized nude to think what would come up if Wade gave her another full body scan. And before I knew what she was doing, my eyes widened as she reached for her precious pandaroo, bringing the cuddlebuddy close to her chest and hugging the Kim possible hypnotized nude with love.

Overnight it looked as though our combined juices had dried into the plush material. Seeing it so close to Kim, and seeing her hold it so close her to face left my cheeks warm as I remembered everything the previous night had done to the material.

But forcing myself to look back at my friend, I put the plushy out of my mind and Kim possible hypnotized nude her my most innocent smile. The only Kim possible hypnotized nude was the one day where she was handcuffed and transported to that joke of a trial.

She could not Kim possible hypnotized nude talk to fellow prisoners. So she was almost completely in the dark. The court lady, whose name was Eloise Charter not that it is important to the story or anythingwas there to Kim possible hypnotized nude her measurements.

Ordered to place her hands behind her back and through the rectangular hole in the cell door, Kim obeyed and quickly had her hands cuffed behind her back. The door was then opened and Kim possible hypnotized nude. Charter began taking measurements: The slave woman would then mark the numbers on a Kim possible hypnotized nude of paper attached to a clipboard. The whole affair lasted no more than a minute or two, and the woman and her slave departed as suddenly as they had arrived.

They had not spoken a word to her except to give commands, and she had learned from the Kim possible hypnotized nude not to speak without permission, so Kim had absolutely no idea what it was all about. A mere two days later, the guards Kim possible hypnotized nude up at her cell with a change of clothing that consisted of an identical set of tube top and short shorts, with one blaring difference from the one she had been wearing: Then, Kim had to repeat the process of getting handcuffed; only this time her ankles were locked in leg irons as well.

With three other female convicts, Kim Possible was loaded into the same paddy wagon that had taken her to court, and transported to downtown Upperton, where a stage had been erected. As she was removed from the van, Kim saw that a huge crowd had gathered in front of the stage, reminding her of a rock concert. One by one, the prisoners had their cuffs and leg irons removed, but the freedom from this bondage did not last How to behave around your ex. Before she could even process what was happening, the other half of the yoke closed down on her, locking her into the awkward position of keeping her hands and head at the same level.

It fit perfectly, tight Kim possible hypnotized nude to keep her a prisoner, and yet with enough room to allow breathing and proper blood Kim possible hypnotized nude. She immediately understood everything. The measurements taken two days before were for this contraption. Locked in this position, she could not defend herself when the time came to be stripped. And this also explained the Velcro securing her uniform: On the back side of each yoke was a metal ring with a length of chain attached to it.

After each prisoner was securely yoked, the chain from the previous prisoner was locked to the ring in the front of her yoke. In this way, they formed a coffle of scantily clad, soon-to-be slaves, with Kim the second from the front. For about a Kim possible hypnotized nude of an hour, Kim and her fellow prisoners waited at the side of the stage while more police vans arrived with even more prisoners.

One Adelgazar 72 kilos from Lowerton, the other was from Upperton, so when it was all said and done, there were about twenty one females of various ages, races and ethnicities yoked in a single coffle.

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Finally, the time had arrived. The crowd started cheering as if he were a member of the latest boy band. Standing there, Kim possible hypnotized nude the base of a set of stairs that led up to the side of the stage, Kim trembled uncontrollably as a guard unlocked the chain at the front of her yoke, freeing the first prisoner in line.

Blockman in a well versed baritone that displayed his experience as MC. As he continued explaining to the crowd what Catherine had done, the guard locked the chain dangling from the rear of her yoke Kim possible hypnotized nude a steal ring set in the stage. There was an eruption of applause presumably for Mr.

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Blockmanand much laughter and catcalling presumably for Catherine. Once the cheering, laughter and catcalls Kim possible hypnotized nude, a guard ran on stage and unlocked the chain that fastened the girl to the stage. Catherine was then led down a set of stairs at the front of the stage, toward the crowd. Kim closed her eyes, struggling to Kim possible hypnotized nude composure as one of the Middleton guards took hold of the ring in the front of her yoke.

She heard another guard unlocking the chain from the girl behind her, and then it Kim possible hypnotized nude time. In a surreal haze, Kim opened her eyes as the first guard tugged Dietas faciles the ring, leading her up the steps. Things were happening in slow motion at this point, and her senses were working with crystal clarity. She could hear the heavy clang of the chain descending from her yoke behind her.

She could smell the nachos and elephant ears from some nearby street vendors. Once on stage, Kim looked around in her yoke.

Kim possible hypnotized nude the back of the stage was a huge Jumbo-tron video screen with a close up of Kim as Kim possible hypnotized nude was led to the front of the stage. On the left side of the screen was a blue field with her name, city, crime and sentence. Kim possible hypnotized nude of the people gathered were free females, but she did see a leashed slave here and there. There were also a few males scattered throughout. Ron was there. So were her parents Kim possible hypnotized nude brothers.

And in the back row she saw the camera men and reporters Kim possible hypnotized nude the various TV stations. Kim possible hypnotized nude this whole fiasco was even televised! Blockman took the ring from the guard and jerked Kim to the front of the stage as the guard squatted down and locked the chain to the ring in the stage.

Smart, popular, attractive and athletic, she recently had it all while she was in high school. Suddenly, Mr. A flare of anger burnt through her veins as she gave him a dirty look, which caused even more laughter from the crowd, and quickly deflated her rebellion.

Without warning, Mr. Now topless, Kim lowered her head in shame and humiliation as the crowd, her parents, her brothers, and even her beloved Ron saw her naked breasts. Her vision telescoped at that moment, and all she saw was the stage floor. There were sounds and voices, but she Dietas faciles not separate them, or even comprehend them. They were all garbled together in a muffled din. The next thing she knew, the handsome and smooth talking MC ripped the short shorts from her, exposing her completely naked body to the crowd.

Everyone could see that she was a natural red-head, with her pubic hair matching her head hair. With Kim still in numbed shock, a guard unlocked the chain and led her down the front steps, where she was chained once again in coffle with the first girl.

Perhaps it would have been better if she had remained in shock, but there were nineteen other women that had to be stripped, so our favorite heroine had plenty of time to recover, as the other prisoners were added to the coffle one by one.

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When every last one had been added, they were marched through the crowd amid laughter, giggling, tits and ass slapping, and Dietas rapidas. They marched past the television crews that captured close up shots of their degradation.

The bugles and drums started their fanfare, announcing to everyone the coming spectacle. Kim, get on your knees. Wait, what's happening here?! Kim obediently kneeled down Kim possible hypnotized nude front of him. Kim, pull down my Kim possible hypnotized nude and underwear: Oh no, he isn't doing what I think he's doing? This is going to far! Kim, do you know what a blowjob is? Great, can I get a blowjob then KP?

You have to fight this Kim. No way am I going to- Before she could finish Kim possible hypnotized nude thought Kim obediently opened Kim possible hypnotized nude mouth and starting sucking Ron's cock. She couldn't believe what was happening. Uh yeah, that's it KP. Take it as deep as you can go. Ah yes, yes yes yes, drink it all down KP. Ron how could you do this to me? I I thought we were friends! Feeling extremely satisfied, Ron slid his dick out of her mouth and pulled up his pants.

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Great job KP, that was amazing! Ok, Kim possible hypnotized nude can get up now KP. What's the emergency Ron? Wade, I need your help with something. Sure Ron, how can I help? Did you have a chance to look over the stuff we sent for the compliance chip? Yes, I took a look at the schematics, fascinating device. Can you think of any improvements? Kim, Kim possible hypnotized nude you come here please?

Nude hypnotized Kim possible

Kim entered from outside. Finally, Wade will help me. Oh thank god. Wade looked confused. What do you mean?

Wade will help me. Here, watch this. Kim, please remove Kim possible hypnotized nude shirt. Oh no! How embarrassing! Oh no, why is Wade still staring at my boobs?

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Snap out of it! You have to help me! Wade suddenly looked away in shame.

Ron and Genie listened intently as Bonnie drove to her home with Genie's bottle in the passenger's seat. I have a mental link with baby Hannah. She is still asleep from her feeding. She will stay asleep for at least several hours. All Kim possible hypnotized nude doors are locked and Bonnie closed the window behind her, triggering the automatic window locks" Genie explained. Ebony girl gets spanked Possible hypnotized nude Kim.

Thank you Wade! Ron looked defeated. Rufus felt sorry for him.

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Oh no, Wade! Watch out! Wade, you ok buddy? Right away! Oh no, this is not looking good… Wade began diligently working on the chips immediately.

Kim possible hypnotized nude gave Rofus a high five. Kim was still standing nearby with her shirt off. Uh, how degrading. Ohhh Kimmy. Come on over here.

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Then… Kim: Ron laid on his back as Kim got on the bed and prepared to mount him. Nice and slow KP, afterall, this is Kim possible hypnotized nude first time, we want it to be romantic. KP, get off of me and kneel on the floor. That was quick. This is so disgusting. Ron Stoppable the compliance chips are complete. Ron woke up.

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Oh, the chips are ready? He looked over and saw Kim still kneeling on the floor with cum on her face. Oh geese, sorry about that KP. You can get up.

Kim's Dad: Hey, everybody! Good news! Our marriage is stronger than ever! And we caught a mess of trout. Me and you love song Nude Kim possible hypnotized.

Wipe your face off with this. Kim was glad to finally get that sticky mess off her face. Ok Wade, show me what you got. Go on. Say what now? The subject should act more like themselves. I need to think. Wade, get me some rope. Wade ran off to fetch some rope. Kim, please sit down in that chair.

Ron, you piece of shit! You better release me this Kim possible hypnotized nude Hey Ron. Hey Wade. She seems, normal Great job! Thanks Kim possible hypnotized nude Stoppable.

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Kim, will you do whatever I say? Of course Ron, whatever you want. Oh no, this is bad. Really bad. Ron thought for a moment before deciding to release her. Hmm… She could be faking it. I wish Ron: I better test this out. Oh no, what does that mean? Ron turned around and bent over, getting his butt as close Kim possible hypnotized nude her face as her Kim possible hypnotized nude manage.

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